It’s hard enough to find better quality or designer clothing for short men, but it is even harder to find shorter sizes to fit you, if you are very thin/skinny or larger/bigger. Fortunately, this is not the case at, Robbie Brown. In clothing, we start at size 34 short and x-short and go up to size 48 short. We put the same emphasis into fashion and proportion in small and big sizes, as we do in our size 40 short and x-short.

Again, looking great in clothing when you are short (regardless of size), is all about attention to detail and correctly proportioned garments.

You will love that all our clothing is off-the-rack, and you will be impressed with the selection, you will be even more impressed how good you look in a garment. At Robbie Brown, it is easy, because we specifically designed the garment, with fit in mind, in every size.

Robbie Brown Menswear for Shorter Men