Streetwear, trash-couture and ath-leisure, might be great, but not at ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5ive ei8ht.

Fashion and retail has raised the bar on both product and excitement. Whatever one does, the message has to be strong and clear. Not only does your value proposition need to be dialed, it must be delivered.


At ROBBIE BROWN, we are in the business of creating a meaningful and enjoyable shopping experience for the not-so-tall guy. We have taken the frustration out of finding quality clothing that is fashionable and fits off-the-rack.


Talking about a shorter mans frustrations, it brings me to the question, IS SHORT A FOUR LETTER WORD.


Based on so many biases in society, it seems that the shorter man is being left out, and gets the short end of the stick (no pun intended), especially in the fashion world.

If 25% of the population is short, why do manufactures not offer everything they do, in short sizes as well. The guy up to 5’8” wants to look and feel great in his clothes. The level of confidence a person gets from dressing well is vitally important and should be available for men of all heights.


Moving away from fashion for a moment, it seems that the shorter man is always looked down upon. Many people think that women do not like to go out with a shorter man, that taller men are more successful, that shorter men earn less, that society thinks short men have a chip on their shoulder and feel more inferior.


This leads us to the “short men syndrome/Napoleon Complex”, which basically states that because of one diminuative stature, they feel inadequate. Perhaps this is so (if it is true) because society tends to equate confidence through physicality, which is associated with someone that is taller. They say that because of a possible inferiority complex, the shorter guy tends to over compensate.

A lot of short men turn this into a positive and are more driven. They become more assertive, more aggressive (in a good way), and try harder as a means of proving themselves. All this actually gives the short man an edge, as all their positive energy ends up making them better then most (especially those taller guys). Even Freud talks about their possible ego defense mechanism, providing a psychological drive to be not only better, but the best.


Trying harder, doing better, dressing smarter, has affected the shorter man in a very positive way. While there might still be more company vice presidents, a lot of the owners of these companies are short. CBT (cognitive behavioral theory) supports this, as not –so-tall guys, change apparent negative thoughts into positive affirmations, like “I am better”.


On the topic of dating, a lot of women are very impressed with shorter men. They feel if a short guy is dating a taller woman, he must be very secure with himself, and women love a guy that is secure with himself.

Of interest as well, is that shorter men gain muscle mass more easily. They have a lower center of gravity, which gives them better balance. As well, they are more agile and have better reflexes than taller guys. On an emotional front, shorter men tend to be more calm, and don’t lose their temper as quickly as those that are taller. All these are valid reasons why women love shorter guys.


Contrary to all the jokes and prejudice, todays shorter man does not think about his height as anything negative, in fact they embrace it, and their extra drive actually empowers them. They focus on their positive attributes, their good nature, their desire to be high achievers, and this is what makes this man, nothing short of amazing.


So all the talk about heightism, is a bunch of bull (a four letter word). Short guys are successful, feel good about themselves, have confidence, and at ROBBIE BROWN, are the guys we look up to!