Clothing for a shorter man with a stomach: 3” drop vs stout.


There are a lot of men that are short, have a stomach, and can’t fit into a 6” drop garment. A “drop” is the difference between a man’s jacket size and his pant size. The industry is based on a 6” drop (for example, a guy that wears a size 40 suit, would be a size 34” pant).


At ROBBIE BROWN (clothing for men up to 5’8”), we have the solution. We offer a great fitting garment with a 3” drop (off-the –rack).

For example, our 46 short stout suit comes with a 43” jacket waist and pant (a 46 jacket normally comes with a size 40 pant). The jacket is based on a “modern” fit so you look fashionable and the pant is nicely shaped through the thigh (no more baggy thigh pants).


Everyone asks, what is the difference between a 3” drop, portly and stout models, when it comes to fitting a fuller man’s figure.

The answer is, there is no difference, it is just terminology. We like the word stout, as it respectfully refers to someone with a bigger stomach. We think that words like portly or corpulent, are in poor taste.


Just because someone has a stout figure, does not mean they should wear baggy or ill-fitting clothing. Our model is intended to fit great, and make you feel the same. Please drop in and try on, this great off-the-rack fitting garment, we think you will be totally amazed.



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