About Robbie Brown

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Robbie Brown is an unparalleled clothing store exclusively for men up to 5’ 8.” Fit, quality, and service are always impeccable and everything fits right off-the-rack.

The ROBBIE BROWN label, is synonymous with very high quality fabrication and CMT, and  exceptional modern fashion and styling.

The ROBBIE BROWN label is synonymous with high quality CMT and fabrication, and very modern fashion and styling.

A retail store should do more than just show clothing. At Robbie Brown, fashion, concepts, and value propositions are vital. We agree that retail is about theatre and change, but we also know that amazing service has to be added to the mix. We relentlessly look for exciting fashion and bring our customers unique and excellent products, made with quality and made to fit. We are driven to bring in to the store what is new and what is right. Exquisite care is taken to ensure that the fit and proportions are correct.

Fashion is about emotion, and we want to deliver this with individuality in mind. Everyone wants to feel great in their clothing, and it is this emotion that we strive to enhance. Along with our unique size specialty, we make the customer experience meaningful, fun, and enjoyable.

re: ROBBIE BROWN and BROWN’S Short Man

Over 40 years ago my father, Lou Brown and I started a concept for shorter gentlemen.  Knowing his stores would be closing, I opened ROBBIE BROWN to keep the concept going.

Be prepared to look fantastic!

Our History

Robbie became fascinated with the fashion business at the young age of 20 and has never looked back. Starting in the family business, “Brown’s” (originally a second hand clothing store started by his grandfather, Willie Brown), he helped develop the “short man” concept, pushed to open a second store and developed a division for petite women.

Retail was in his DNA; the years were exciting and the experiences invaluable.
Opening a separate women’s designer petite store—”Muskat Brown”—with his wife Candace Muskat, launched a new family business, which kept them both busy for the next 25 years.

Missing the menswear business and with menswear missing him, Robbie decided to open his namesake store, “Robbie Brown.” With years of experience following trends, travelling and buying, learning from seasoned mentors and most importantly listening to customers, his attention to fashion, detail and fit, are all of paramount importance at his new store.

Come for a visit. We look forward to seeing you.