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Quality suits for short men from Robbie Brown

Looking for suits for short men? We’ve got what you need.

Nothing beats the confidence and style you project when wearing a quality suit. This effect is dependent on the fit of the garment. A suit must fit proportionately correct and you should never settle for second best. At ROBBIE BROWN we say, “Prepare to look fantastic”.

A great fitting suit has nothing to do with how tight or how short the jacket lengths are, but rather proportions and balance.

About our short men suits

We take great measures to ensure the proper fit for the man up to 5’8”. The balance needs to be corrected because a shorter man tends to stand more erect (often causing a roll at the back of the neck). Details such as pocket placement, elbow positioning, knee notch, etc. must also be correctly adjusted. If the neck to waist measurement is too long, the back of the jacket breaks on the hips. All these technicalities may be unimportant to you, but the result of our commitment to fit is nothing short of amazing.

In menswear, every 3 to 4 inches introduces a new category of sizing for lengths of jackets and pants.

  • Regular sizes are for a man 5’8” – 5’11”
  • Short sizes are for a man 5’5” – 5’8”
  • Extra short sizes are for a man 5’2” – 5’5”

Wearing clothing from the correct category is important because although a garment can be made looser or tighter, the proportions cannot be changed. When a man who is 5’4” puts on an Extra Short (or X-Short, as we sometimes call it), rather than a Short, he is shocked and thrilled with the difference. We find the same holds true with our shirts, as they not only come in 31 and 32 inch sleeve lengths, the body is proportionately made shorter as well. For more about our shirts, please see our shirt page.

At ROBBIE BROWN, our clothing is based on a modern fit. A garment that is super tight or super short, may be a trendy look, but is not for everyone. For a sharp look the “modern” fit is very appropriate and projects a contemporary look. Fashionable men, whether they are in business, a corporate office, or attending an evening event, will always look confident and fantastic in clothing from ROBBIE BROWN.

At ROBBIE BROWN, we feel there are no fashion rules that pertain only to shorter men. The man up to 5’8” can wear anything if properly proportioned; come in so we can prove it to you! Because of this, we carry anything from solids to fashion checks. The fabrications and patterns you choose to wear, are about personality and the image you want to project, NOT YOUR HEIGHT!!!

At ROBBIE BROWN, we don’t use the word “Short” in our advertising because men don’t like to talk about their height. Thus, our tag line is, clothing for men up to 5’8”. Men come in because they are up to 5’8” in height, not because they are short! When they try on a “Short” or “Extra Short”, invariably we hear: “wow, that looks great”. So many guys wear their suits and sleeve lengths too long which in fact, make them look shorter. We will never allow this to happen!
Interestingly, it’s fascinating to note that even though a man doesn’t like to be called short, when he does a search on the web to find clothes that fit, his query always includes words and phrases like: short man, short men, suits for shorter men, clothing for the shorter man.                                We don’t care how you hear about us, just drop in and have a fit!

We stock a variety of suits for shorter men

We stock a tremendous amount of suits appropriate for a wedding, party, social occasion, business, prom … all perfectly proportioned and styled for the shorter guy.

short sizes 34 – 50

extra short sizes 34 – 44

Suits from ROBBIE BROWN and Samuelsohn, are made from high end fabrics from Reda, Barberis, Loro Piana, Cerruti.

Contact us for more information about suits for short men now.