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Perfectly fitted pants for short men

Most people would think that good fitting pants for short men should be easy to find. However, getting a good fit can be a real challenge for the shorter man, that is, the guy up to 5’8”. At ROBBIE BROWN, we’ve made sure that this is a seamless process.

Look around and you’ll see how many men wear pants where the rise is too long, the pockets are too low and sport a “baggy bum”.

At ROBBIE BROWN, we have spent a tremendous amount of time designing the right fit for our pants. The rise, the knee notch,  the proportion, have all been adjusted to provide a great fit. It’s so unattractive to be seen wearing a poorly fitting pant, whether it is jeans or a dress pant when one takes off his suit jacket!

We are often asked what style is best for a shorter man. The answer is that fashion and styling have nothing to do with height and everything to do with personality. We maintain that a short man can wear anything if it is properly proportioned. Here are some other pant issues you may be curious about:

  • Cuffs: Cuffs DO NOT MAKE A PERSON LOOK SHORTER! Cuffs are simply a fashion look; currently if you are going to have a cuff, we recommend making your cuff between 1 ½ and 2 inches.
  • Pleats: Flat front is still the number one choice. Pleats are starting to come back in some Italian trendy brands, often with very wide pants bottoms, making a strong fashion statement, but for very few.  On a classic pant, there is no difference between wearing a single or double pleated pant, although double pleats will not open as much as a single pleat. We do recommend wearing “reverse” pleats, as the front of the pant looks cleaner than “regular” pleats.
  • Angle or straight bottoms: A pant with a wider bottom should be finished on an angle whereas cuffs should be finished straight. A narrow bottom should also be finished straight. Keep in mind that the narrower the bottom, the shorter you will want to wear your pants so that the break on the shoe is fashionably correct.

We offer a big selection of short mens pants

Besides offering a fantastic fit at ROBBIE BROWN, we have a tremendous selection of quality cotton pants. As lifestyles have become more casual, the fashionable cotton pant has become a number one seller. With the explosion of the sport jacket as a key fashion item, guys want sharp pants that feel and look great to pair with them.

Our wool pants are made of high end Italian serge (all year weight).  Our premium cotton pants from Brax and Meyer, are amazing with a sport jacket, going out socially, or wearing to work. We order our Brax pant with a 30″ inseam … as a result of this, the thigh and knee are proportionally correct for a shorter person. As we don’t charge for alterations, there is no need to order a 27″, 28″ or 29″ inseam.

We look forward to seeing you at ROBBIE BROWN and as we say, “prepare to look fantastic”.

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