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Fashionable sport jackets for short men

Want fashionable sports jackets for short men? We’ve got you covered.

The versatility of the Sport Jacket has made it the favorite item in a man’s closet, as well as one of the fastest growing categories in menswear. Casual with jeans, sporty with cotton pants, corporate with wool dress pants, or more fashionably accessorized for evening, the Sport Jacket can take you from morning to the late hours with ease.

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Taking one step back, we can talk about the solid colored sport jacket, called a Blazer, which is the foundation of the sport jacket wardrobe. The blazer made up in seasonally appropriate fabrics ranging from cashmere for Fall to fine wool for all year comfort, to linen for hot summer days, is a staple for every man’s wardrobe. In fact, you should own one in both black and navy. If a suit is not required and you’re not sure what to wear, the blazer is always an appropriate choice. For dressed up or casual, you can’t go wrong wearing a blazer.

The sport jacket has morphed into a sharp layering piece and because of today’s more casual attitudes, the shoulders are being made softer – less padding and unlined is right on trend. Besides looking great, you are going to find this modern jacket tremendously comfortable. When your jacket fits proportionately, you can go bold with confidence. Today’s contemporary patterns boast edgy checks and window panes. The overwhelmingly positive response from the consumer is the number one reason the sport jacket has taken over men’s fashion. Another must have look, even for men up to 5’8”!

You’ve probably noticed how many “clean jeans” are being shown, as well as the phenomenal growth of premium cotton pants. This is in response to the consumers desire to wear Sport Jackets in a more casual but well dressed manner. Those in the industry will remember selling thousands of wool dress pants while now the trend is toward cottons. We advise that you purchase quality cotton pants to go with your jackets and leave the casual and less expensive twills for hiking on the weekend. Premium fabrics and a quality make, ensures that the pant will look better over time.

Choosing the right pattern and color really depends on the look that you want to achieve or project. This is either based on your personality or your intended personal fashion statement. Remember, choosing monochromatically makes an outfit dressier, while color blocking gives a more casual effect. Whether you decide to wear a tie, dress shirt, sport shirt, or t-shirt, jeans or cotton pants with your Sport Jacket, its enjoyment and versatility will only increase with multiple looks.

After all is said and done, the fit of your sport jacket is key

A Sport Jacket like any article of clothing, must fit proportionately and correctly. A gorgeous fabric will be lost on a poorly fitting jacket. To help keep you certain, remember that clothing categories are based on height.

  • “Regular” for a man 5’8” to 5’9”
  • “Short” for a man 5.5” to 5’8”
  • “Extra short” for a man 5’2 to 5’5”

Using this as your guide will help you to buy a garment that is the best fit for you.

At ROBBIE BROWN, our off-the-rack selection is fabulous and offered in a modern/contemporary fit.

  • In Extra Short we carry sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42 and 44.
  • In Short, we carry sizes 34, 36, 38, 40, 42, 44, 46 and 48.

It is especially important for a shorter man not have his jacket or sleeve length too long, as it will make him look shorter, and less fashionable.  A properly proportioned jacket, will in fact accentuate one’s height (important, even if you are 5’7”). Today’s modern fit dictates that your jacket length should be just above the bottom of your seat.

There’s no reason for a shorter man not to be dressed impeccably well. At ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8″, we make sure of it.

Sport Jackets at ROBBIE BROWN are made from high end fabrics from Reda, Barberis, Loro Piana, Cerruti, and the CMT is amazing quality.

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