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Perfectly proportioned silk ties for short guys

Accessories are an amazing way to personalize your outfit. Baser your look on your personality or the fashion image you want to project. If you’re looking for ties for short guys, we’ve got you covered. Here is your opportunity to make your own fashion statement. Changing the way you accessorize your clothing, whether wearing a suit or jeans, can give the outfit and an entirely different look (which keeps your wardrobe fresh and exciting).

Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Short length mens ties

Firstly, ties are not out of fashion. Try wearing a tie when you don’t have to (work, dinner, event), and see how many compliments you get. However, don’t just wear any basic tie, make it an amazing one, something special and definitely one of quality. Besides the positive attention you will get, you will look and feel great.

At ROBBIE BROWN, our own brand is made by a high end Canadian company, and only in fine quality silks.

Perfect ties for shorter guys … all our ties are made shorter, so they are the right length on a person that is up to 5’8”. We are always being told by our customers that it is amazing to put on a tie, that is not too long on them. 

With respect to tie widths, the trend in Europe is 3 ¼” wide, which is what we do, and it looks great and very modern.  Sorry guys, but skinny ties are out.


The change to fancy socks has been unbelievable (and this trend is here to stay, as everyone is loving it).

We recommend matching your fancy socks to your outfit, in an appropriate way. For a dressier look, stripes and neats are great, for business keep your clients in mind as you want to look sharp and professional, and for casual have fun (letting your personality being your guide).

SMALL FOOT SOCKS    We have a fantastic selection of socks, from Bleu Foret, in size 5.5 – 8, which is perfect for the guy with smaller (shorter) feet.

Contact us for more information about ties for short men or socks for men with smaller feet.