Online Shopping


We will have pictures and information soon … we are setting up our online business as quickly as possible.  Thanks for your patience.

Shopping/Buying new items

If anyone needs/wants anything new, we can help.  I will help you select the item, alter it for you if possible, and arrange to get it to you.

We have been asked by customers about buying casual pant and sport shirts, for around the house (Interesting, as I have just written a blog about how important it is to dress up, when you are working from home). As well, many are still working and want more casual pieces as they don’t have to get all executive at this time.  Others have inquired about getting a sport jacket or suit, as they are doing video presentations or participating in online meetings, and want to look more professional.

If you email me,, I can facetime or video conference with you (Zoom, etc.), show you items that are in the store, alter items where possible, and get your new items delivered to you.

Be well, stay healthy,


We will have pictures and item information posted shortly.