Robbie Brown, who runs the specialty clothier that bears his name, doesn’t think smaller men should be short-changed when it comes to fashion. “There’s a lot of rules about what, let’s say, a shorter man should wear [and] shouldn’t wear. I’ve always felt that a shorter man can wear anything he wants as long as it’s properly proportioned,” says Brown. You could guess this credo by the garments hanging at his Yonge Street retailer, which launched in September 2016. “If a shorter man likes to wear a louder, check sport jacket, he can find that here,” continues Brown, who’s got 30 years of industry experience. Men as tall as 5’ 8” can find formal and casual clothing that fits right off the rack here, whether it’s a pair of blue jeans or a Samuelsohn designer suit. “There’s a huge need to clothe a guy that wears a shorter size.”

As published in the Village Living Magazine