The Best Store for Shorter (up to 5’8”) Guys.

ROBBIE BROWN is a high-end menswear store that also offers the best short mens clothing catalogue. The brand is synonymous with high-end Italian fabrics, quality CMT (cut, make, trim), fashionable looks, and amazing fit.

The store is dedicated to the philosophy that a shorter man can wear anything, as long as it fits proportionally correct. Your fashion look should be based on your personality, or the look you need or want to project.  If you can carry off a sportier or louder look, then do so with confidence. For those that are not comfortable in trendier looks, stick to your comfort zone. Either way, never settle for anything that does not fit properly. Wearing clothing that fits proportionally correct, is guaranteed to boost your confidence, improve your self-esteem and make you feel better.

Building the ROBBIE BROWN brand is not just about fashion, as the philosophy and the psychology of the shorter man comes into play all the time.

Some of the lines and exclusives that make ROBBIE BROWN, the best high-end luxury store for shorter sizes

Boglioli:  We are one of the only stores anywhere to carry this amazing unconstructed sport jacket line in short                   short sizes.  We think it is amazing that this company has made these special sizes for us.

Brax, starting at size 28 waist and offered in a shorter inseam:  Brax is one of the worlds top quality and                                 fashionable premium cotton and denim pant lines.  We are one of the few stores anywhere,                                  that bring in these pants with a shorter inseam.  We also start at waist size 28, which is almost                            impossible to find. Our 30″ inseam makes for a much better proportioned fit for the shorter guy.

The Best Blazer in the World:  We had an Italian mill, make us a wonderful textured wool, for our                                     all-year-around black and navy blazers.  These top quality men’s blazers are offered in short and                         extra short sizes.  Wear this jacket to a party with jeans, an evening out with premium cotton pants, or                 dress it up for work.  It is the perfect blazer, and will be one of your favourite travel jackets.

Emanuel Berg:  One of Europe top quality and fashionable shirt company’s.  Emanuel Berg make a                                               phenomenal shirt, exclusively for us, that is perfect for the shorter man.  Our dress and                                         sport shirts come in 32″ sleeve lengths and 31″ sleeve lengths, with each having a shorter                                   and proportioned body length.

Bugatti Coats:  We are bring in Bugatti coats (a terrific European fashion coat manufacturer), and have been                               told that we will be the only store in Canada, that has them in short sizes.  We know you will                                 love these quality coats.

Samuelsohn:  We have worked really closely with Samuelsohn (a very high quality clothing company, known                             for its amazing make, fabric quality and MTM program) to make us an exclusive fit, in both                                   short and extra short sizes.  Our MTM program, is extremely successful, as all our                                                 knowledge about fit for the man who wears short sizes, goes into every detail we do.

ROBBIE BROWN:  Our ROBBIE BROWN line of suits, sport jackets, blazers, dress shirts, sport shirts, coats …                          is all made for us from the highest quality manufactures.  For our clothing, we only use top                                    quality fabrics from Italian mills such as Reda, Cerruti, Colombo, Drago, Loro Piana …

Short mens clothing with style

Some shorter men hate to shop because they have had such a frustrating time being fit properly, and/or don’t like the shopping experience.  Others have fallen into the stereotypical rules, that have professed to dictate what a shorter person can or can’t wear (when it comes to patterns and styles), and don’t appreciate the biased views.  All these so-called rules and fashion do’s and don’ts, are simply untrue.  They have been written by fashionistas, bloggers or stylists, for the purpose of trying to make a different kind of statement or simply trying to get attention. 

The fashion business has become very challenging due to the number of stores, cheap products trying to copy more expensive looks, and the psychological tactics being used to persuade consumers to buy certain products. On-line has caused an entirely different set of problems to the industry.  One problem with data nowadays, is that companies are using your personal information to manipulate how, when and where you might buy. Getting to you at a vulnerable or emotional time is a goal of marketers. Often incentives are simply well thought out psychological triggers. The consumer often ends up spending money on products that they really don’t need or will probably not wear in the future.  This is why the companies/stores that offer brand value and connect to the consumer’s core values, will win in the long run. 

Everything from dress shirts for short guys to suits and sports jackets

At ROBBIE BROWN, we connect to the customers on all levels. We have become “their” store.  They are exceptionally comfortable in the store environment, knowing that everything is in “their” size.  We have transformed the shopping experience from one of frustration to fun and enjoyment. The fashion looks, the excellent selections and the impeccable service, all contribute to making shopping for clothing, an activity that our customers really enjoy.

So many customers are originally dragged in by their wives or significant others, and end up getting hooked on fashion, and the thrill of looking great.

Because our brand value is excellent, we don’t have to worry about quality disappointment down the road. As well, we always focus on the first experience, and we deliver. We personalize each customer visit, as we know that the customer wants and expects it.  Repeat customers never lose that first-time experience feeling in the store, as we continually focus on it, each time they are in.

There are always opportunities to grow, as consumers taste level and fashion trends are constantly trending and changing. Technical fabrications and new weaving techniques have allowed for some very compelling shifts in products, design, fit and comfort.

Besides always innovating with great products and service, we know the loyal customer must always get great service.  This customer wants to be truly connected to the store and wants to know that the store and its policies are in-line with their own. ROBBIE BROWN always delivers on this principle.

A person that is wearing an outfit to work or to an event, just wants to look great. If something is not right at the store, it is fixed/adjusted, not because the customer pointed it out, but because we know it had to be done.  If one gets a compliment on their outfit when they are wearing it, not only is that person happy about their purchase, but their trust in us has been solidified. It is great to be complimented on your clothing and look. This scenario leads to a lot of people being recommended to our store.  They say that the only thing one takes with them is their good name, and we believe that this trust is something that can never be taken for granted.

Knowing all this propels us to constantly elevate everything we do.  Better fashion, better fit, better service. We know that if a customer likes fashion, enjoys upscale quality, and has a sophisticated taste level, then they are going to love ROBBIE BROWN.  We constantly strive to be the best store for men up to 5’8”, and so many appreciate that we are right here in Toronto.

Anything that we cannot make under our own Brand, we buy from quality higher-end companies. 

Our premium cotton pants and jeans are bought in the appropriate fits, from Brax and Meyer. The high-end cotton pant has become the must-have pant in a man’s wardrobe.  Wearing this pant to work or an evening out, whether with a sports shirt or sport jacket, is the new norm.

 Our made-to-measure program from Samuelsohn is second to none.  Their abilities and capabilities are amazing. We can offer just about any look in fabrics and can fit even the hardest to fit body types.  Our knowledge of what fits a man up to 5’8”, goes into every garment that is made for us.

Boglioli is an amazing Italian company that makes the best unstructured jackets anywhere. Their fabrications, comfort and fit are truly wonderful. They especially make their jackets for us, in shorter sizes, something that we think is rather amazing !

You have heard the expression, “like a kid in a candy store”. This expression and similar ones of excitement and appreciation, are often what we hear from the man up to 5’8”, about ROBBIE BROWN.  Whether someone needs a suit, sport jacket, coat, dress or sport shirt, premium cotton pants or jeans, remember, ROBBIE BROWN is “your” store.

And yes, there actually is a Robbie Brown, and you’ll often find him on the selling floor (where he loves to be), spreading his excitement and passion about fit and fashion. Drop in, and say hi to him, as he really enjoys meeting and talking with everyone.

Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).

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