BROWN’S has closed, but the “short man” concept lives on, at ROBBIE BROWN

I opened ROBBIE BROWN (clothing for men up to 5’8”) in 2016, as we knew that Brown’s would be closing. I wanted to carry on the concept that my father and I started together, in 1976.                                                              Sadly, my father passed away Dec. 10, 2017.

Wow, time goes fast.  It was 1976, and my father, Lou Brown, asked me if I wanted to work a few days a week, to get a new clothing concept going. I was 20, said yes, and that was the start of my fashion career and working 6 days a week.

A few suits, sport jackets and shirts, were bought, and put in the loft upstairs, at the 545 Queen St. Store. I was told to get up there and build a business. I still remember our first customer, a man about 5’4”, and how he was amazed at how well the clothing fit, off the rack.

My father and I worked hard, and very long hours. We use to go buying after the store closed, and often did not get home until after midnight. Being on the floor,  experiencing the excitement of customers and building a new retail concept,  was really something special.

It was a family business, with my grandfather, Willie, wanting to help on the floor, doing some alterations, and giving his “worldly” advise.

My father used to love when people called him Mr. Short Man, or when they repeated the now famous slogan, “because it fits”.

ROBBIE BROWN, only caters to the shorter guy. We are a modern store, with most of our clothing made in Canada, and made specifically for us. The quality is great, and all our fabrics are Italian, with many from mills such as Loro Piana and Barberis.

Besides an amazing fit, the clothing is fashionable and our service is impeccable.

Our clothing comes in two categories, short (for the man 5’5” – 5’7”) and extra short (for the man 5’2” – 5’5”), and we cover sizes from 34 to 48.

Our shirts, which are proportionally designed, come in 31” and 32” sleeve lengths. Our premium cotton pants and denim, have shorter inseams and appropriate rise.

We hope to see you at ROBBIE BROWN, 2583 Yonge St.

“Prepare to look Fanstastic”.