Looking for the best clothing stores that sell the right clothes for short men who work in the Tech and I.T. industry? Robbie Brown has advice.

Advice from the best clothing store for short men on dressing for the Tech and I.T. industry

How men should dress in the Tech (technology) industry, has recently gained a lot of attention. The shorts and hoody wardrobe, especially for I.T. guys, might be O.K. if you are coding or imputing data in a room all day (where no one see’s you). As the tech sector has grown, so has the need for diversification in dress codes. It boils down to respect for your position and for communicating a more professional and/or serious point of view to others. The days of dressing super casual, and saying I can wear whatever I want, because I am a cool dude, are over. Dressing the part for a meeting or event has become very important.Depending on the type of presentation you are giving, or the financial meetings you are attending, a suit always projects a more serious, confident , important and professional look. A sport jacket with pants, is an impressive but more casual look (than a suit). Wearing a fashionable sport shirt and premium cotton pant, is a very popular choice for managers in the I.T. field, because it elevates your status and seriousness from the old days of the hood.

I have to take my hat off to Paddy Cosgrave and what he is doing with Web Summit. Events like his, Collision Conference is a testament to how import and huge, the tech sector is. The event that is being hosted in Toronto is projected to grown exponentially in the years to come, and that is great for all kinds of businesses in this city. The variety of people attending from all walks of current and future businesses (financial services, investors, VCs, auto industry,  drones, personal aircraft, driverless initiatives , new startups, A.I., marketing company’s …) is going to make for some amazing new opportunities.

When thinking about what to wear, don’t underestimate the importance of making a great first impression (and second, and third ….). Whether you dress super cool, very fashionably, or more seriously, remember it is all about projecting the image you want or should or need to. Once one decides what attire is best for their particular situation, they must make sure that their clothing fits well.  Whether someone dresses casually or more sophisticated, if the clothing does not fit properly, the reflection on them is detrimental in terms of their image.

When a guy is shorter, the need to have clothing fit better is even more important.  As unfortunate as it may be, short guys are too often judged and seen in an unfair way.  Having your clothing fit better, is a way to say you care more about yourself and your professionalism (which gives the impression that you would also have a higher standard of accomplishment in whatever you do).  For any men out there, that have not felt the beneficial effect of wearing clothing that really fits well, you owe it to yourself to experience the difference.

You will be amazed at how it will boost your confidence level, as well as how others see you in a more positive and professional manner.

Robbie Brown

Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator. He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality clothing store for short men. For more info visit (website) today.