The very first “do”, is “don’t listen to all the do’s and don’ts”! The fit of your clothing is all about proportion, and that is done in the design and pattern making. The proper fit of a garment is what will make you appear taller. Wearing items that are too long is what accentuates someone’s shortness. Short men always hear thing like, don’t wear horizontal stripes, don’t wear double breasted jackets, pants with cuff’s make you look shorter, … These “rules” are simply not true. The only thing that fashion and style really depend on is your personality or the image you want to project. There are a lot of fashion positions that are true, but they have nothing to do with a person’s height. Some of these are: monochromatic looks are dressier, color- blocking is more casual; reverse pleats on pants are a cleaner look, big checks/patterns stand out more, … but again, fashion is fashion, and you can wear anything if it is proportioned properly. Finally, the most important of the do’s and don’ts. “Don’t wear clothes that do not fit properly”.