As a leading short men clothing store, ROBBIE BROWN stays on top of all things fashion related in the industry. In this blog post, we discuss Elevate in Toronto.

E-textiles (electronic textiles/smart garments), are a result of revolutionary thinking, mixing technology and clothing.  As areas such as nanotechnology grow, the tech industry has seen explosive growth in fabrics and fashion affecting and enhancing personal health, performance, bio-feedback, and so much more.

Function in fashion and fabrics will continue to elevate the industry in ways that will benefit people all over the world.  Another aspect of importance is how these wearable are going to fit.

In the fashion end of things, there is a place where guys can buy clothing that will “elevate” them, and it is right here in Toronto. 

A clothing store for short men up to 5’8’’

Robbie Brown has created a world-class clothing store for short men, exclusively for men up to 5’8”.  Fashion is all about attitude, the look you want to project and your personality (with the limits being what you feel you can carry off). Fit, is an entirely different thing. Robbie is constantly being innovative with new trends in the industry, making sure the specs and proportions of these looks that come into his store, are right for his customers.

The concept attracts customers from all over the world…  customer continually say, “wow, this is amazing, it fits!”.  Robbie is constantly in innovation mode when it comes to bringing in updated looks, in a proportion and fit that is appropriate. The diversity of the customers is amazing, but they all have one thing in common –  they are up to 5’8”, and they all want to look great in their clothing At ROBBIE BROWN, one can only find clothing in short and x-short sizes.  Not only are shirts made shorter, but both dress and sport shirts are offered in 32” and 31” sleeve lengths.

Clothing cannot actually make someone look taller, but it can make you look great, and that gives you an air of confidence … which in turn allows you to be with more conviction, tenacity and courage, in your everyday life.

There are no rules in clothing that pertain to shorter guys. The ones that you read about, are simply not true.  You can wear anything you want, as long as it fits properly and is appropriate.  It has been said that short men should stay away from horizontal stripes, dress more mono-chromatically, blah, blah, blah. These pegged opinions are all a bunch of junk.

Everyone looks slimmer in a slimmer fitting outfit (whether one is 5’4” or 6’2”), and everyone looks better when they are dressed in something that fits them properly.

One of the huge challenges in getting fit properly off-the-rack is that most manufacturers want to make things in one category so they can maximize their cuttings.   No one really wants to do so-called special sizes anymore. An exception to this is Robbie Brown, who defies the stereotype and stigma that is associated with the shorter man.  Robbie travels anywhere he has to, to meet manufactures that will cut items to his specifications. Doing all this in higher quality fabrics and cut-make-trim is a bonus.

Robbie can talk for hours about fashion and fit, as he is truly passionate about what he does. When meeting people at fashion shows, business or social gatherings, he always invites people to contact him about any clothing issues they have. If talking to a “shorter” guy about his store or story, one can often hear him say, “Drop in, have a fit!”

Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).

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