How to dress for online meetings and working from home.

Dress well, the results are amazing

 For the past several weeks, I have received a number of calls from clients asking me about the proper attire for online meetings and conferences and whether there is a need to dress up while working from home. There are huge implications for how one presents so I thought I would share some of my thoughts.
Whenever there are strange, challenging, unprecedented times or major changes in technology, we all learn how to adjust on a daily basis. Being in the men’s clothing business, I see how wearing and changing into nicer clothing has the power to affect our moods, abilities and image. The following will relate to all those who are working from home (as a result of physical distancing, work policies, or using new forms of communication), attending online sessions and conferences, or, simply posting videos and other forms of information on social media.

Getting dressed up can affect so much, which will become more apparent as time goes on, especially as online communication becomes more and more important as a basic tool for communicating. Issues can range from what do I wear when giving an online presentation, a Zoom conference meeting with colleagues or staff, or feeling sharper and more professional in an attempt to make working hours more meaningful and results-driven.

Articles written in various magazines and publications like Psychology Today, Vogue, Forbes, Good Therapy, Inc., just to name a few, address issues such as, making good impressions, projecting appropriate images, and dressing to feeling better and more confident. Here are a few of the issues discussed, how they are affected by what we wear, and why we should dress up, especially when working at home (and I happen to agree!).

Dressing up makes you feel and think better, as well as feeling more powerful.

In one study, men wearing a tie or more formal clothing, and asked to do cognitively challenging tasks, felt stronger and in more control, than those dressed in more casual clothing.  Another study told one group of people that they were wearing a doctor’s lab coat and a separate group they were wearing a painting smock. The ones in the lab coats performed their tasks better than those in the painting smock thereby demonstrating that how we perceive ourselves can influence our mindset, and consequently performance.

A study found that men who dressed better or more formally felt that they could think quicker in a situation, and more creatively.

It has been noted, that dressing up in certain uniforms, such as that of a doctor, police worker or pilot, had a positive impact on one’s attitudes towards his or her confidence and ability.

Interestingly, another study found, that people wearing outfits of recognized higher importance, made fewer mistakes.

A number of researchers also believe that dressing up can change how we perceive situations and events in the positive.

It has been demonstrated that when athletes train in their professional sports attire, they are more focused. Even average people participating in a competitive event feel different and more special when a competition number is worn.

What we wear makes a huge difference in how we are perceived by others and can instil a positive perception of ourselves.

Most people have experienced that when they are comfortable and confident, they feel happier which has been shown to impact and improve one’s business and personal well being.   It has been proven that dressing better leads to higher levels of self-empowerment and greater social impressions. Boosting our mood and level of confidence, in business dealings and ventures can definitely help achieve greater results and outcomes.

The clothing we wear, sends powerful signals to those around us. This can definitely help project the positive, knowledgeable and professional self image that we want others to see. Although the only one you really need to impress is yourself, the benefits of positively influencing others, is worthwhile in the work world.


Working from home means many of us will be on video conferences, with co-workers, groups and international partners. As well, more individuals will be making on-line presentations by video for their service or business.

For some startups, working from home is the norm. For others, having to physically distance presents a new and perhaps uncomfortable experience. While some feel it doesn’t matter how we dress at home, many maintain that it is crucial because of the many positive and productive benefits mentioned above.

When on important business video conferences and meetings especially with new individuals, the more we do to give a good first impression, the more positive attention we’re likely to receive. One study demonstrated that in only three seconds, people make judgement calls about others based on how they are dressed. Furthermore, the more impressive the clothing, the more favourable, the judgement.  Clothing has the potential to portray an impressive image and give the right message about our professional and creative abilities. How people perceive us in this new form of communication, is going to be very important.

Psychologically, dressing more serious in the morning, puts us in a different mind space and will help us start our workday. Similarly, when we change into more relaxed clothing at the end of our workday, we are better able to separate business and personal time, promoting a better work-life balance.  A good axiom I have is, if you don’t change your clothing at the end of your business day, then you were dressed too casually.

Our clothing can say a great deal about our positive professional and business capabilities which ultimately is to our benefit.

The psychological importance of getting going, alternating our clothing, maintaining a healthy work-life balance, following a routine, exercising, etc. are vital for our well-being and managing ourselves during any challenging or ever-changing times.

Changing your clothing from casual to business attire (whether smart casual or more executive), will definitely affect our business thoughts and attitudes, making us more alert, aware and professional. This will make a huge difference in our working day.

Set an alarm clock, don’t sleep in and get your day going! Whether we exercise, or write down important business idea’s and thoughts first thing in the morning, sticking to a positive routine, will definitely help us to feel more energetic and focused.

We need to separate the parts of our day (business and pleasure), to keep focused and productive and to guard against being distracted and all over the place.

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