What does “drop” mean … 6” drop, 7” drop, 8” drop.

In men’s clothing, the difference in the size between the jacket and the pant, is called the drop.   The standard in the industry is 6”.  That means if a man gets a suit jacket that is a size 40,  the pant will be a 34 (40 – 6 = 34). 

If a man is needs a size 40 jacket to fit his chest, but wears a size 33 waist, then he is a 7” drop (40 – 7 = 33).  Usually  the more a person works out , the bigger his drop may be. If this person needs a 40 jacket and a 32 pant, then he would be an 8” drop.

Ahhhhhh, so now I get it, you may be saying, but it is not that easy.  There are many other things to consider when dealing with drops.  Ordering a bigger jacket just to accommodate the chest will probably be too loose on the arms and stomach.  This is where you need a clothing person with knowledge and insight, to put the appropriate measurements into play.  If someone is ordering a garment in MTM (made-to-measure) and doesn’t understand or know all this, then the suit will never come out right.  An example of this would a person that works out and their chest is stronger.  For this person, the strap of the garment has to be made longer, so that the front of the jacket does not ride up.

A drop can also be 0”, 2” or 4”.   This would be best for a man that has a bigger stomach.  His shoulders may require a size 46 jacket size, but if his pant size is 42,  then he would be a 4” drop (46 – 4 = 42).

A clothier taking measurement for this customer has to also know all the ins and outs for this kind of figure.  The customer might have a bigger waist, but not seat and thighs, and just ordering a size 42 pant, will make the seat and thigh too baggy.

As well, if a person is tall or short, they may stand stooped or more erect, and all this has to be accounted for in addition to one’s drop.

When is comes to clothing for short men (something I specialize in), there are many other factors that come into play, in order to get the right fit.

So now you know two things! 

What a drop is, and to always buy your clothing from a very knowledgeable person.

Call me if you have any questions.


Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).