Men’s Fashion Trends: how they will be reinvented.

Years ago some started snowboarding because it was the “cool” thing to do, and skiing was considered something that older people did.  Skiing has been revived and is now in vogue again, however ski design is totally different.

When things get reinvented (through marketing tactics, social media, luck or timing), they don’t come back the same way as they were before.  The same holds true with fashion.  For those that keep old clothing because they hope the style will come back into fashion one day, don’t bother, because the new interpretation will be too different, and your clothing will still look dated.

Here are some looks that are trending in, and how they will be different this time around.

Pleated Pants:  Pleated pants are definitely coming back and you will see them in fashion stores, as of Fall 2019.  In high-end clothing, you will see a single reverse pleat, with a narrower bottom.  The baggy bum, wide thigh and bottom on pleated pants form years ago simply won’t be something you are going to want to wear.  The pleated pants that are coming in won’t be as loose and will have a much narrower bottom.  Your old ones probably had a 1” cuff, but now you should make them at least 1.5”. 

Don’t expect the flat front pant to disappear too quickly, as guys now love the style and have really gotten comfortable with the modern slimmer look.  On the other hand, the skinny fit may remain a look for some, but it is trending out, just as the narrow tie has.  Casual flat front pants with a 14” bottom and wool dress pants with a 15” bottom, is what you should be wearing if you care about your look, and projecting a modern image.

Sport Jackets: It is amazing how strong sport jackets have become, and how everyone say’s, “I want to be able to wear them with jeans”.  What they are really saying is they want flexibility.   Whether the bottoms are denim, premium cotton or wool, people want to be able to go out (for business, to a party, for dinner, or a social occasion) and keep their look sharp and fashionable with a sport jacket.  The options of wearing your sport jacket with pants of various looks or fabrics, and shoes ranging from sneakers to boots, is what is has made the sport jacket the go to versatile wardrobe piece.

 The sport jacket today is slimmer than years ago and has much smaller shoulder pads or none at all.  Don’t buy your jacket too tight or really short, as that look is becoming passé.  The modern look is soft and comfortable.  Men are really enjoying the variety of looks they can wear with it, making it easy to dress it up or down depending on where they are going, what they are doing, and who they are doing it with.

 If you try taking the shoulder pads out of your old jackets, it can’t be done properly because of it’s originally pattern, and the fabric will not lay correctly.  Reducing the extended shoulders of the past , won’t give you the modern natural look, and as well the canvas is much too stiff.

Suits: Currently the corporate guys are wearing suits, as are those attending weddings and important functions.  The person that used to buy a business suit for work because that is what everyone wore, does not need them for that purpose anymore.  The big question is will the suit come back as a fashionable item, and the answer is, definitely yes. 

There are a lot of younger guys that have not worn suits, so as they do, it will be a novel experience.  The skinny suit got a lot of younger guys interested in this item, because it was the new trendy look, but are now going to look for what’s next.  We are going to see a huge revival in suits, but the fabrications will be very different and more novel. 

Wearing a suit makes a person look sharp, sophisticated and more put-together.  Getting dressed is easier as you only have to pull one thing out of the closet, and the bonus is you know you are going to look great.

 As mills and manufactures start showing and making suits in fabrics that are more innovative and textured, the “cool” factor will return to wearing a suit.

 Underpinnings will be based on your personality and/or the look you want to project.  Layering looks will vary from fashionable printed shirts, t-shirts, knits, sport shirts, dress shirts and ties.  Shoes will also play an important role in projecting a casual or special occasion look.

Your older suits are most likely too loose in the chest and sleeve, and too long in the length. The modern looking suit jacket length comes to the bottom of ones seat.  If you shorten your old jackets, the pocket placement won’t be right. Sleeve lengths are now at the wrist, as opposed to well below it.  If you shorten your old sleeves, that are too long, they won’t have a proper taper, and will not look right.

Besides the silhouette changes, the new canvases and other findings in todays garments are much softer  … a feel and comfort that you will definitely love.

Casual Wear and Street Wear:  It’s important to know that these two categories are totally different, and most likely not worn by the same person.

A lot of people will wear premium casual wear to work, or when they are going to a party. Premium cotton pants are much slimmer than years ago, and fabrications are much more technical and special.  Everyone is enjoying the comfort of this category, and the fact that everything is washable (makes upkeep very easy).  While really tight pants are trending out, nobody wants to wear baggy pants.  Your cotton pants from years ago are probably really loose in seat and thigh, too wide at the bottom and too high in the rise.  This is a look that you should definitely not choose to wear.

Altering this style never works, and those that try, are just wasting their time and money.

Casual weekend wear is totally different than nice quality sportswear, in fabrication and look (and usually quality) .  Taking a walk in the park is not in the same league as dressing well or respectively for work or a special outing.

 Street wear, an entirely different look, vibe and fit, has evolved from something exciting to display and write about, to huge new designer lines/labels, and retail stores.  The look however (baggy, low crotch, over-sized …), is very specific, and definitely not for everyone.

Your personal style depends on your personality.  It is important for you to choose your look, based on the image you need or want to project, but keep it real.

 I maintain that anyone can wear anything, as long as it fits really well.  Factors that come into play may be based on job, event, age, and what you can carry off.  Maintaining a modern look with your clothing says a lot about you, your outlook and how others see you.

Robbie Brown

Robbie Brown is retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).