Pride Toronto and Fashion.

Every year, Toronto hosts a Pride parade, which brings thousands of people to the city, that adds a very vibrant atmosphere to restaurants, clubs and other social events here.

ROBBIE BROWN is, a short men clothing store, that caters to men/people up to 5’8”.  

Every year we get new customers who love our store/fit, that we have maintained great customer relationships with.

We are the most fashionable store for shorter sizes, and people are elated that we exist. For men, we do extra short (5’2” – 5’5”) and short (5’5” – 5’8”), and besides the fit, everyone loves the fact that we are a modern/fashionable store.  Our shirts, which come in 31” and 32” sleeve lengths, are made shorter as well.

If a store has shorter sizes (many don’t), they tend to go very traditional in their clothing presentations, where as we focus on fashion.  We feel a person can wear anything, as long as it fits properly. Fashion should be based on one’s personality or the look they want to project, and not on height.

There are a lot of women , that like to wear men’s tailored clothing who come in as well.  As many women are in the 5’2” to 5’7” range, they find our fit options are great for them. 

Although we don’t sell on-line at this time, we do send pictures (with product information) to a lot of people that live out of town, and ship the items that they like.

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It is great if customers can come into the store when they are in Toronto, even if they don’t buy, as we get to see what size category fits them best, and note their fashion preferences and any alterations that might be needed (as we can do alterations before we send items out in the future).  We have expert tailors and don’t charge for alterations.

If anyone needs items/outfits for social events/parties, and they come in when they first arrive in Toronto, we can usually get the alterations done the same day, for you to enjoy while you are here.

For anyone looking for fashion and a great fit (and are up to 5’8”) we look forward to meeting you.

Have fun, be safe,


Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator. He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality clothing store for short men).

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