What is “Smart Casual” and why is it so important.

Smart Casual is a look and clothing concept that has become very important and apropos with respect to current fashion trends, and our current social distancing situation. Smart Casual clothing is perfect whether it is for dinner, the office, small gatherings, etc. for those that want to look sharp, project a desired image, or dress up.

So what are guys wearing in todays world of change. 

For many that are hosting webinars, attending online group meetings or one-on-one consults with clients, the need to look polished and professional is very important.

Similarly for those going on dates, attending small social gatherings, showing your best side via your clothing, helps to say a lot about you, and your persona.

Smart Casual, has emerged as a way of dressing, because it is comfort based, yet very “smart” looking.  For example, “premium cotton” pants, have basically replace the wool dress pant, for those not needing to be so formal.  This cotton pant, is still very sophisticated and sharp looking.  Coupled with a dressier sport shirt, or a sport jacket, the look can be as dressed up as you choose it to be. 

The suit is far from done with, as it is still the go to option for events such as weddings, fund-raisers, corporate business meetings, and any event that requires you to show higher respect. 

The Sport Jacket, has become the item of choice, and has become extremely popular.  Everyone that comes in, says “I want a sport jacket, and I want to be able to wear it with jeans”.  What they are really saying is, whether they actually wear it with jeans or premium cotton pants, they want the sport jacket to make them look fashionable and give them the option to dress up or down their look.

If you are going for a hike in the woods, much more casual t-shirt and khaki’s are good, but for making an impression, they are a no no.  If you are on an online meeting, you still must project the right image, and a sport jacket or very nice sport shirt, should be considered.  Too many people are dressing way too relaxed (sweat pants, golf shirts …) for meetings, and they are finding that they are giving the wrong impression to others attending.

During the hot summer months, there are so many options to keep cool and still maintain your professional look.  Premium cotton pants come in summer weight fabrics (you will love them for years to come, every summer), and same with Sport Jackets.  Some stores prefer to buy all-season weights, but they are obviously a bit heavy on the hot days.  Fashionable and progressive stores, will buy seasonal items, as they know that is what their customer ultimately wants.  If your store does not adhere to this, maybe it is time, that you try someone that does, you will really enjoy these new options.

At ROBBIE BROWN, I realize the importance of “Smart Casual”,  and the art of dressing appropriately to make the right impression and project  a wanted look.

In dress shirts, I buy dressy dressy shirts and sportier dress shirts.  In sports shirts, I buy dressy looks for the guy that is going to a more serious  gathering, and sportier looks for a fashion statement.  The same goes for premium cotton pants, where I offer them in dressy, fashion and sporty looks.  In the every so popular sport jacket department, the offerings and selections are just as extensive, as the sport coat is worn for so many different reasons and to so many various places.  In each category you will come to see how wearing diverse looks, adds to your image in a very positive and enjoyable way.

You would be smart to start wearing the “smart casual” look, for you will find the fashion and the comfort are just what you needed/wanted.

Robbie Brown

Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).