Ahhhh, welcome to spring

one day cooler
one day colder
one day a bit warmer
one day wet snow
one day drizzling
one day windy
one day rainy
one day damp
one day sunny
… and welcome to the ubiquitous Top Coat.

This is the coat that you must have and in the transition months, don’t leave home without it! Whether you are a shorter man, a taller man or somewhere in between, this coat should be an integral part of your coat wardrobe.

This is the coat you wear with jeans, or throw on top of a suit. Today’s technologically engineered fabrics make this coat the perfect friend for keeping out the wind, the rain and the other elements that come your way this time of year.

If you’ve been reading the weather reports, you’ll notice that spring is full of various weather conditions with continuous mixes of rain and sunshine and everything in between. If you know it is going to be a bit cooler, take with a fashionable scarf as it keeps the neck warm and ads pizzazz to your look heading into Spring.
Transition gloves are also a good idea to take along.

It’s worth it to buy a quality coat which will last a long time, allowing you to build a coat wardrobe that is practical and meaningful. Spring Top Coats are usually found with or without a liner. Although you will love the unlined coat on a warm summer rainy day, I suggest you buy the Top Coat with a liner first. There are more cool and damp days in the transition months and the practicality and versatility of this coat makes it a perfect first choice.

When it comes to fit, don’t settle for second best. If you are a shorter man, buy your coat in a “short” (likewise if tall, buy a tall).  At ROBBIE BROWN, we carry sizes 34 to 48, in our shorter proportioned fit. As well as being protected from the elements, you will look great.

While a suit sleeve length should come to the break of your wrist, your coat sleeve should always be about 1 ¼ inch longer than your wrist so it covers your jacket sleeve and doesn’t ride up too much when your arms are bent (ie. driving the car).
Always make sure your Top Coat is fitted when you are wearing a suit or sport jacket so sleeve length is proper and comfort appropriate.

There are 12 months in a year, and each few months brings it’s own climate conditions. Your coat wardrobe should look something like this.

  • wool over coat, for dressing up in the cold
  • wool car coat, for being sharp (with or without a sport jacket or suit) and a bit more casual in the cold
  • puffer/down, for cold casual weekends and nights
  • top coat, your transition coat for dressing up when it’s damp or raining
  • wind-breaker, for going out dressier, but still looking casual
  • polar fleece, for weekends and nights, very casual, for extra warmth
  • summer top coat, light weight, to keep out the elements when attending a nice place or event.
  • Umbrella! An umbrella is not a coat, but you should always have an extra one in the car, so you are ready for the unexpected.

At ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8”, we say wear the right things at the right time, make sure they fit, and always prepare to look fantastic.