Suits on Sale (short and extra short sizes only)

During October 2020, we (ROBBIE BROWN) our having our biggest suit sale ever, for men up to 5’8”.  ALL suits on the selling floor will be either 40%, 50% or 60% off.  These are fashionable, fall/winter suits, and are available it short and extra short sizes.

In this bizarre and unprecedented time, stores like us need your support, as do our Canadian manufactures.

You may be asking, why would I buy a suit now.  Well, here are four great reasons.

  1. When you wear a suit, you know you look good (and that is always important).  As people are starting to go out and back to work, as well as attending small social occasion events, making a good impression is always important.  Also, we all know we feel better when we dress up and look good.
  2. You only have to reach into your closet once.  It’s quick and easy, and there is no extra coordination to be done.
  3. You can achieve a smart casual or fun look with the same suit.  Pair it with a fashionable shirt (dress or sport), wear a trendy sneaker, add a smashing pocket square.
  4. You will be supporting a really nice store as well as our outstanding Canadian manufactures.   🙂

On the fashion side of things, we now have fashionable windbreakers and parka coats (for fall and winter) in shorter sizes.  Also, we have continued to stock our transitional weather top coat (wind and water resistant, with a zip in lining), and our fashionable winter wool car coat.

Customers are often asking us what is appropriate to wear if they are going back into the office a few days a week, or full time.  As we have mentioned, a suit is truly a great and functional choice.  However, if you want a more casual look, we strongly recommend a pair of quality cotton pants and a great sport shirt.  Wearing a sharp sport jacket will add to and enhance  your look, and doubles as an outdoor jacket, as the days are getting cooler.

Even guys were strictly working from home, everyone felt more focused when they change into premium cotton pants when they started their working day.  Changing back into weekend casual clothing at the end of your work day, helps to separate your work and personal life.  So many have found this to be an important mindset during these strange times.

For those that don’t know (or have forgotten), both our dress and sport shirts come in 32” and 31” (it is such a pleasure to be able to put on a shirt that fits).  The same goes for our luxe cotton pants, in that they are made to fit our customers.

Please come in and take advantage of our suit sale, get a great jacket/coat, and/or enhance your wardrobe with some fashionable premium cotton pants or jeans.

If you know someone that is up to 5’8”, and likes a great fit, and fashionable clothing, please let them know about us.

Thanks and Stay Well,