The Best Blazer: In Short Sizes Only

We have created the best blazer for shorter guys.

Firstly, a blazer is simply a solid coloured sport jacket and has typically been offered in hopsack or serge weaves.  These fabrics are great classics, but we needed a more modern fabrics/weave, something that would look amazing with jeans and premium cotton pants.

We had a mill in Italy come up with a tonal textured fabric (99% wool, 1% lycra) for us, that can be worn 12 months a year, and is wrinkle resistant.  We are thrilled.

This blazer is made for us by an upscale manufacturer in Canada, and is made in our proportioned fashion fit, for the man up to 5’8”.

It is offered in extra short (5’2” – 5’5”) and short (5’5” – 5’8”), from sizes 34 – 48.  Whether you are short and thin (skinny) or shorter and bigger, you are going to love this blazer.

We think that your hardest decision with respect to this blazer, will be weather to buy in in navy or black.  Both colours are very strong, and if you can’t decide, flip a coin or buy both!

The amazing thing about this sportcoat, is that one can dress it up or down.  Going to a party it looks great with blue jeans, out for the evening it is terrific with premium cotton pants, and for a dressier day at work, it is quite executive with wool trousers.  Wearing your outfit with sneakers, boots or dress shoes, will change the look entirely. Your personality should be your guide as to the fashion statement you want or need to make.  Choosing to wear this blazer over a t-shirt, sport shirt, dress shirt (with or without a tie) or turtleneck, will give you a tremendous amount of looks and fashion expressions.

This upscale quality sport jacket is perfect for traveling as well.  It gives you extra pockets for important documents, can be used instead of a windbreaker, and depending on what you wear with it, will keep you looking very fashionable or professional.

Finding a blazer, sport jacket or suit, that fits the shorter man properly can be very frustrating.  ROBBIE BROWN only does short sizes, and has perfected a fit, that is amazing for the short guy.

If you are looking for the ultimate blazer, and you are up to 5’8”, drop in and try it on.  This is a backbone item for everyone’s wardrobe and it will quickly become one of your favorite go to pieces.

Robbie Brown


Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).