The Perfect Blazer (for shorter men).

A blazer is an amazing item and a must have, for your wardrobe.

It is not as dressy as a suit, but more so than a sport jacket. The fact that it can be worn with absolutely everything/anything makes it the most versatile piece of clothing that you will own.

For ROBBIE BROWN, I am developing a textured wool crepe that can be worn twelve months a year.  Clothing fabrics and fit have softened up, and the old staple blazer fabrics in a serge or hopsack finish, are just not fashionable or modern enough.

This textured crepe is going to be the perfect blazer.  It will have a patch pocket, because a patch is more casual than a flap, and everyone wants have the option to wear their jackets with jeans. 

The blazer can very easily be dressed up or down.  Dress shoes, shirt and tie for one look … jeans, sneakers and t-shirt for another.  Whether you wear a sport shirt, t-shirt, premium cotton pants, wool pants, etc., the end result will be a reflection on the look you want or need to project.  Your personality should be your guide as to how you put your blazer to work, and how you accessorize it.

Don’t wear your solid suit jacket as a blazer, as you will always know/feel it is your suit jacket.  As well, blazers should have a sportier button, and be a different fabric weave than the popular solid suit fabrics you wear. You will simply feel more fashionable and sharper buying a great blazer fabric/look. 

I have an Italian mill working on my texture wool crepe fabric, and it should be ready for the Fall 2019 season.  Please let me know if you are interested, and I will let you know when they are in.

Sorry to all the taller guys out there, but ROBBIE BROWN, is only for shorter guys, and these blazers will only be available in short and extra short sizes.  This fabric along with the amazing fit that we offer, is going to be the perfect blazer.

Will be available in black and navy (both are great colours to have).


Robbie Brown is a retail entrepreneur and fashion innovator.  He is currently building a retail concept called, ROBBIE BROWN, clothing for men up to 5’8” (a fashionable and better quality store for shorter men).